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Please, review our policies prior to making a reservation at BEYONDER Getaway at Sleepy Hollow.


Sleepy Hollow RV Park And Campground Rules/Policies

General rules for the park:

Check-in is 2 PM, check out is 12:00 noon.
An early check-in or a late checkout COULD be possible with prior permission and a possible fee.
Who can be camping with me at my site? Immediate Family is who can be camping with you without an extra charge. Immediate Family is defined as dependent unmarried children under the age of 21 that live at home can be at the camper. If you want additional folks they are welcomed but will cost an additional fee.
Quiet time is from 10 PM -7 AM.
Do not move fire rings.
Leave your site clean, bag all trash, and dispose of it properly in the dumpsters.
Do not run gray/black water on the ground.
There is a limit of one camper unit OR 1 tent per site on water/electric sites. Tents not preferred on Full hook-up sites.
Tents cannot share a site with a camper.
Entrance into the park constitutes permission for management of Sleepy Hollow RV Park and Campground in Oxford, Iowa to photograph visitors’ likeness or property while on-premises and to use any resulting pictures or videos for any lawful purposes without compensation to the visitor. Any visitors pictures submitted to Sleepy Hollow RV park social media sites (like Facebook or Google) can be used by the Park without permission.
The visitor assumes all risks and danger incidental to the activity of camping in an outdoor environment including (but not limited to), the danger of being injured by insects/animals, swimming, any game or playground equipment, structured activities/crafts sponsored by the park, any "Act of God"(see below) and not hold the park, the park owners, the park employees liable for injuries or property damages resulting from such causes. (Act of God or natural occurrence shall mean a natural occurrence such as an earthquake, flood, lightning strike, tornado, hurricane, storm, tree limbs fall, or similar equally serious act or event which has a major cataclysmic impact or effect.) The visitor assumes all risks and danger incidental related to any defect in land or premises or property that resulted in injury. No employees or owners will assist visitors/campers with anything related to camper repairs, camper inspections, backing up campers, backing up tow trailers or vehicles, leveling campers, or any entry into campers. If the employee or owner do so, it is as a favor; as requested by the camper; to the visitor/camper, and employee/owner/ or Sleepy Hollow RV Park will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that might occur.
Violation of any rule or state law is grounds for dismissal from the park without a refund.
No fireworks of any kind.
This property is privately owned and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone as deemed necessary.
The park does its best to honor specific site requests (on the phone or online) but does not guarantee it. Changes have to be made at times without notice. We take bookings one year in advance. For holiday weekends, we do follow a seniority list (consecutive years to keep seniority) list, so please book by phone or in person at the store until September of the current year. After September, all dates, including holiday weekends will be available online.
Winter camping is available for nightly campers at a discounted rate. The availability of winter electric-only sites is dependent on the weather and might not be offered during poor winter weather.

Water use pool or lake:

Pool and beach areas have posted signs to follow. Below are some but not all of the rules to follow.
No lifeguard on duty for the pool or beach area so visitors in the water area do so at their own risk.
Follow posted rules for beach area and pool.
Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older while in the pool or beach area.
No child under age 18 is allowed past the swim rope area without an adult present.
Floats, kayaks, paddleboards are allowed on the water BUT no child under age 18 allowed without an adult age 18 or older accompanying them.
Wristbands are required for the pool and beach area for all – swimmers and watchers alike.
No alcohol or food allowed in the pool, pool deck area, beach, or lake.
The pool is closed at 10:00 pm and the beach area closed when the sun goes down due to no lights in the area.

Additional Rate Information:

Tent Camping is allowed in the Water/Electric sites - 1 TENT allowed per site. NO tent can share a site with a camper. Tent Camping is also designated in one of our designated tent sites and permitted only in designated areas. One tent is allowed for each tent site with a maximum tent size of a 6-man tent or shall be considered a small tent. 4 maximum guests allowed per tent site. Maximum stay on tent sites is 3 nights. We’re sorry, No pets are allowed when camping with a tent.

The Cabin rentals require a 2-day minimum. Cabin rental is limited to 1 week; no monthly renting option is available for the cabins. No pets allowed. If a Service dog then a license is required. No Smoking allowed. The cabins require you to bring your own linens. Linens are available at the store for rent. An excessive cleaning charge might apply if needed.
Monthly rates are available. Please call the park for more information.
A credit card is required to hold all reservations & used for the reservation deposit.
Any and all Rates are subject to change without notice.
No refunds for early departures once paid - except for monthly campers under certain conditions.
Rates are based on 2 adults and unmarried children of adults under age 21 only.
Military & Good Sam Rates must be verified with the proper card at check-in.

WiFi access in the Park for your stay:

Sleepy Hollow offers Wi-Fi within the park
Search for the network names below:
This is FREE - password is required and may be obtained on check-in.

Vehicles and golf carts:

A maximum of 1 vehicle per site is allowed. Extra vehicle parking is allowed in the visitor parking if needed for an extra car pass fee.
The speed limit is 10 mph for everyone’s safety.
All vehicles require a pass to be displayed from the mirror or dash.
Golf carts are to be registered with the park for each season, a golf cart pass is required to be on each golf cart and proof of insurance copy is to be kept on file with the park.
All vehicles and golf carts must obey the rules of the state and the rules of the park.
All vehicles and golf carts are to be driven on roadways only.
No ATV’s, go-carts, or dirt bikes at the park.
No parking in empty campsites, a site charge will apply or the vehicle may have to be towed.

Pet Policy:

Pets are welcome at Sleepy Hollow RV Park and Campground - Free of Charge, with exception of our tent sites.
No pets allowed in the pool, beach area, public spaces or cabins.
No pets allowed at a tent site for your pet's safety.
A maximum of 2 pets per RV site allowed.
Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
Pets should not be left unattended at any time or outside without owners.
Please be kind to your neighbors and always clean up after your pets.
Sorry, No Aggressive dogs allowed at the campground.
No excessive barking allowed at the park.

Visitors’ policy:

Sleepy Hollow RV Park is a private park and every visitor needs to be aware of the rules and register as a visitor for a minimal cost. This is to ensure all visitors/campers' safety and enjoyment.
Day rates are based on vehicle pass only or additional wristbands for any water usage (pool or lake) and activity involvement. An overnight visitor rate is an additional fee.
All visitor vehicles require a pass to be displayed from the mirror.


A 3-night minimum applies for all major camping holidays including Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.


Only one discount available per campsite – no combinations allowed - no discounts on golf cart rentals.
A 10% discount is offered for the Good Sam Club membership card. Membership cards must be presented at check-in. This is for the April-October season only.
A 10% discount is offered for active or retired military 10% discount. A card will be required to present at check-in. This is for the April-October season only.
During the April-October Season, we offer a 7-day stay discount; it is 10% off when you book your week-long stay (It is not available with any other discounts).
No discounts allowed for the monthly RV stay option.


6% State tax on all reservations and extra fees.

Cancellation Policy:

A 50% per reservation total is required at the time a reservation is made. The deposit is refundable up to 30 days prior to your arrival. Between 14 and 30 days of your arrival the reservation may be re-scheduled within the current season. Between 3-14 days the deposit is non-refundable. If a reservation is a no-show or canceled up to 3 days prior, your reservation is due in full.

To make check-in easier and more efficient, all remaining reservation balances will be charged, in full, to the credit card on file, on the day prior of the scheduled arrival, and no refunds will be given according to our cancellation policy.

Worry-free booking may be purchased to help safe-guard your reservation should you be unable to arrive.

Camping is an outdoor experience, therefore, no refund allowed for poor weather conditions. This includes but not limited to: "Too sunny", "Too rainy", "There are bugs outside", "Birds are too loud in the trees", or you have an "Allergy to campfires". Remember, you are camping.
2:00 PM - 11:00 PM
If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

A 50 percent deposit is collected at the time of purchase. Payment for retail items and gift certificates is collected at the time of purchase.

Children are welcome with an accompanying adult. Pets are welcome. Pet Policy: Pets are welcome at Sleepy Hollow RV Park and Campground - Free of Charge. No pets allowed at tent sites for pets safety. A maximum of 2 pets per RV site allowed. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Pets should not be left unattended at any time or outside without owners. Please be kind to your neighbors and always clean up after your pets. Sorry, No Aggressive dogs allowed at the campground. No excessive barking allowed at the park. No pets allowed in the pool, beach area or public spaces.

Your credit card information is stored and processed securely.


Golf Cart Policy Date: June 25, 2021 Effective Immediately: Beyonder Getaway at Sleepy Hollow and Beyonder Camp management have been in discussion and under the guidance of the insurer of the property and with our golf car rental provider to design our new policy regarding the use of golf cars on the Beyonder Getaway at Sleepy Hollow property. We understand that these limitations will affect many of the current uses of golf cars, on the property, and this policy update is in no way meant to be punitive. This is a measure of risk mitigation, required by our insurer to maintain our policy and to continue the operation of the park. I. Permitted off-road vehicles a. Only golf cars/carts, designated as such, by the manufacturer may be driven on the property. b. No All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), side-by-side, dirt bike, four-wheeler/quad, snowmobile, or any other such non-highway vehicle shall be permitted to operate on the park property. c. Golf cars may operate on gasoline or electricity. II. Permitted drivers/operators a. All off-road vehicles and golf cars permitted for use on the park property shall be driven/operated by a driver/operator possessing a valid driver’s license or instruction permit. i. Drivers/operators possessing an instruction permit must be accompanied, at all times in which the golf car is in use, by the holder of a valid driver’s license. b. Permitted driver’s licenses and instruction permits may be issued by any U.S. State, Territory, or Foreign Country which issues driver’s licenses or instruction permits. III. Personally owned golf cars a. Personally owned golf cars are allowed on the property and must be individually approved by the park staff, before they may be operated on the property. b. Owners of private golf cars will be required to maintain valid insurance for each golf car intended for use at Beyonder Getaway at Sleepy Hollow. i. Golf car operators are required to maintain $100,000 of liability coverage on golf cars operated on the property. ii. Proof of insurance must be shown to park staff when each golf car is brought to the property, whenever a policy expires and is renewed, and must be maintained by the operator or within the golf car at all times, while the golf car is in operation. iii. Personally owned golf cars shall be maintained in safe operating condition. 1. Headlights and taillights shall be maintained in working order and used, after dusk and before dawn. 2. Each golf car used on the property shall have operable brakes, capable of stopping the golf car, at load capacity, on grade, safely. 3. Each golf car used on the property shall have a functional park brake, capable of holding preventing unintended vehicle movement, on grade. 4. Each golf car used on the property shall have safe and properly inflated tires with a minimum of 3/16” of measurable tread depth. 5. No golf cars shall leak any fluids while in operation on the park property. Any fluid leaks must be reported to park staff. a. A private golf car owner will be personally liable and responsible for any environmental clean-up expenses caused by the leaking of any fluids on to park property. IV. Golf car rentals a. Beyonder Getaway at Sleepy Hollow maintains a fleet of golf cars which may be rented for use on the park property. b. Rental golf cars shall not be removed from the property at any time and shall not be driven on any public roadway, highway, or wooded area. i. At no time shall rental golf cars be used to trespass neighboring properties. All criminal and civil penalties will be the sole responsibility of the driver/operator. c. Renters are responsible for the condition and security of any rental golf cars, for the duration of the rental period. i. Any damage or defect must be noted and brought to the attention of park staff, prior to the operation of the golf car. Any damage noted after the removal of the golf car from its starting position will be the responsibility of the renter. 1. Damages will be charged to any credit card stored on file or the renter invoiced with an immediate due date for the cost of any repairs or the entire replacement cost of the golf car, as warranted. 2. In the event of lost or missing golf car keys, renters shall be assessed a $25 fine, per key. ii. In the event a golf car is stolen, the full replacement cost of the golf car shall be the responsibility of the renter, unless one of the following conditions applies: 1. The renter is still in possession of the golf car key and the golf car was presumably stolen by means other than abandonment with the key. 2. The golf cart was taken by force and a police report is made, indicating as such. In the event of a robbery, renters shall first notify law enforcement (dial 911) and then notify park staff as early as is practicable. a. Failure to immediately report a criminal incident may result in the assessment of charges or an invoice for the replacement cost of the golf car. V. Permitted golf car use a. Safe operation i. There shall be no more occupants, including the driver, than the designed maximum capacity of any golf car operated on the property. 1. All occupants shall be seated, with arms and legs within the confines of the golf car, at all times in which the golf car is in operation. ii. Golf cars may only be driven on designated park roads, paths, parking areas, and camp sites. 1. Any golf car which becomes stuck in a prohibited location will be removed by park maintenance staff and a minimum $50 fine will be assessed and charged to the credit card on file or shall be immediately. iii. The maximum vehicle speed limit in the park is ten (10) miles per hour. At no time shall any golf car be driven in excess of this speed. iv. All golf cars shall give right-of-way to pedestrians, bicycles, and any other non-powered conveyance encountered. v. Careless and reckless driving is not allowed. Drivers must be in full control and focused at all times while the golf car is in operation. 1. Vehicle traction must be maintained at all times. No donuts, no skid stops, no “J” turns, no drifting, and no other activity which causes the driver to lose traction with the roadway will be tolerated. 2. All golf car drivers/operators shall be liable and responsible for any damage caused to park roadways, landscaping, or other property, while in operation of a golf car. vi. The use of intoxicating alcoholic beverages and drugs while in the operation of any golf car on the property must coincide with the laws of the state of Iowa. 1. Any reported operation of a golf car under intoxication will be reported to law enforcement. vii. Noise levels must be maintained at a reasonable level. 1. Any stereo, speaker, or public address (PA) shall only be used at an audible level for the occupants of the golf car. a. It shall be the sole discretion of park staff and the manager to determine if the noise is excessive. Park staff will give one warning to the operator, if a violation is observed. b. The continued use of the golf car on the property and camping privileges may be discontinued, at the discretion of the park manager, if subsequent complaints are received or if the noise persists. 2. No golf car shall be modified to create excessive noise, beyond the factory specification of the car’s engine. viii. All golf carts shall be parked for the night by quiet time at 10pm. b. It shall be the sole discretion of the park manager to revoke driving/operating privileges to any operator of a privately owned or rented golf car, while on park property. The manager also reserves the right to discontinue camping privileges, temporarily or permanently, on a case-by-case basis, if safe and respectful operation of golf cars is not maintained.