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Things to Do

When you stay at BEYONDER Getaway at Sleepy Hollow, you have a variety of activities and attractions to enjoy. Take part in our onsite events that we have on a regular basis, or explore the area in, and around, Iowa City. Either way, you're guaranteed to have a great time when you visit BEYONDER Getaway at Sleepy Hollow.

Upcoming Park Events

At Sleepy Hollow RV Park and Campground, you can enjoy fabulous camping activities like fishing in our in-camp fishing pond, or swim in the pool or the swim beach. We have regular children's activities like hayrides and games, as well as horseshoes, volleyball, basketball, and special holiday events.
There are no upcoming events.

Local Attractions

BEYONDER Getaway at Sleepy Hollow is just a few minutes away from Iowa City and all it's attractions. We're also close to Lake MacBride and Coralville Lake, perfect spots for boating, fishing, and swimming. We've listed a few of our favorite local attractions, below. For more information on our area, give us a call.
Amana Colonies

Step back into a simpler time in Iowa's Amana Colonies, a communal group that has lived on the Iowa prairie for 150 years. You'll find historic buildings, Colonial structures, sunny gardens, and plenty of old-fashioned crafts. Artists create amazing natural baskets, brooms, quilts, toys, clocks, pottery, and more.
Coralville Lake

Coralville Lake is a reservoir formed by Coralville Dam, a dam on the Iowa River just upstream from the city of Coralville, Iowa. Construction started in 1949, was delayed by the Korean War, and finally finished in 1958.
Iowa City

The college town of Iowa City is a lively, vibrant place to explore. Filled with cafes, art and theatrical attractions, and the gorgeous scenery of rolling hills, forests, lakes, and rivers, this is a great place to spend the day. The city boasts one of the largest malls in Iowa, a stellar writers' workshop, terrific golfing, and fabulous museums.
Kalona Community

Just fifteen miles south of Iowa City lies the quiet town of Kalona, an area that's been an Amish settlement since 1846. Today you can experience old fashioned hospitality in this charming farm community. Take a historical tour, seeing people make traditional crafts like quilts, jams, and jellies, or watching men and horses work the fields.
Lake MacBride

Swimming, fishing & boat rentals on an 812-acre lake plus trails, camping & picnic sites.
Riverside Casino and Resort

Riverside Iowa's luxurious gaming, nightlife, and dining center is the Riverside Casino, a great place to go for a round of golf or game of roulette. The casino features over 1,100 slot machines, 24 blackjack tables, and table games like Pai Gow poker, three card poker, craps, roulette, and Caribbean Stud poker.
The Devonian Fossil Gorge

Found after a flood in 1993, the Fossil Gorge showcases a 375 million year old fossilized ocean floor. Visitors will walk down the gorge with thousands of fossils under their feet.
There are no attractions to show.